Efficient and court-proof investigation of copyright infringements

We identify infringements of copyright on the Internet automatically and evidentially. In the process, we work together with law firms, associations or public authorities, which act as Law Enforcement Agencies on behalf of copyright owners in order to pursue infringements.


In case of file-sharing platforms, we employ an in-house development. This purpose-built investigation system works in strict compliance with basic forensic principles and data protection requirements. It is efficient and effective in durable operation, delivers legally sound, court-proof results and is continuously further advanced.


In the process involved parties:

Flexible investigation system on a modular technical platform

Our "flagship", the Peer-to-Peer Forensic System (PFS), is in operation continuously for more than eight years, notably in Germany. The PFS investigates specifically in P2P file-sharing platforms.


We identify with the PFS systematic the infringements of copyright protected works for which previously has been validated, which copies are in circulation in the various P2P file-sharing platforms. For each exchange of files not only the transaction as such is detected, but also whether the content is transferred in fact. The entire network traffic is recorded and therefore available as evidence for future evaluations, also by external parties.


Peer-to-Peer Forensic System in schematic presentation:

The PFS is a flexible forensic investigation system. The technical platform consists of several independent modules, that can be adapted to specific individual requirements, e.g. necessities of different countries. The entire system, a reliable and proven technology, can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and interact with other systems. It can be installed anywhere in the world.

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