Long track record of successful collaboration and cooperation

Digital Forensics GmbH is founded in 2015. However, our core team can look back on more than eight years of successful collaboration in predecessor companies. We are based in Germany in the city of Leipzig. We specialise in providing forensic analysis services of network traffic. Divided into small and agile teams, our highly experienced professionals execute individual projects or develop and enhance our analysis systems and tools. In addition to the professional expertise of our team members, most are software engineers, we emphasise great importance of individual project management skills.


We employ specialised investigation systems and tools, which we purpose-built and continuously advance. In addition, we can rely on and benefit from our long-standing network and well-proven cooperations with the best experts in the field of network packet processing.

Managing team of Digital Forensics GmbH

Dr. Jens Pittler is the Head of Technology of Digital Forensics GmbH and responsible for the development of new purpose-built systems and tools, as well as the continuous improvement of our existing successful long-standing investigation systems. He is part of the core team, that has worked jointly in predecessor companies for more than eight years. Jens Pittler earned his Ph.D. on the topic of "Anionische Phospholipidmonoschichten in Wechselwirkung mit multivalenten Kationen" from the University of Leipzig.


Dr. Frank Stummer serves as sole Managing Director (CEO) of Digital Forensics GmbH. Notably, he takes responsibility for business development and sales. He is co-founder of several companies in the high technology sector, among others are ipoque GmbH and Adyton Systems AG, both are acquired by a Group, as well as Rhebo GmbH, a company for industrial security and network monitoring for Industry 4.0. His successful career started as a business consultant for international corporations. Frank Stummer holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Technical University Mining Academy of Freiberg and earned his Ph.D. from the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe with a thesis about Venture Capital Partnerships.

Cooperations and strategic partnerships

Rhebo is a technology company that is specialized in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems (ICS) by monitoring control communications. We are ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and protect networked industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. Our aim is to safeguard against downtimes, network anomalies and cyberattacks in a seamless manner by means of comprehensive analysis of all data flows at the content level.

As subject matter experts in the field of information technology, Forensik.IT is active in diverse areas of IT with emphasis in computer forensics. Based on the cooperation with the experts of Forensik.IT we may expand our range of services, mainly in the field of disk analysis of hard drives from PC or server systems and evaluation of digital traces on mobile devices.

Allegro specializes in high speed packet processing and succeeded to develop a really high-performant pocket size appliance with in depth analytics.

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